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The Philosophers, an organization that aims to control everything (economics, politics, power), is created by the joined forces of Russia, China and USA. It is not known who the Philosophers are.

During World War II, the Philosophers make a pact that leads to the creation of the Philosophers' Legacy. The Legacy contains one hundred billion dollars, as well as the names of the secret members of the organization.

After World War II, the money of the Philosophers' Legacy got stolen, hidden and spread across several banks. The records of the transactions were stored in a microfilm. Whoever obtains the microfilm can gain access to the Legacy. Of course, Russia, China and US are all interested in finding the Legacy to obtain leading power.

After Stalin's mandate, Russia is led by Nikita Khrushchev.

Russian nuclear scientist Nikolai Sokolov starts working on a new Russian nuclear weapon: the Shagohod.

It emerges that Russia is deploying Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles to Cuba, one of their allied countries. This is extremely alarming for the USA, since Russia could potentially attack them if the nukes reach Cuba.

In the meantime, Nikolai Sokolov starts being scared by his own creation, the Shagohod, and decides to defect to the US. He escapes from Russia with his family, but he gets recognised and stopped in Berlin.

President Kennedy demands Russia to dismantle the nukes, but Russia refuses. The US and Russia are placed into alert for an all-out nuclear war. Eventually, Russia decides to dismantle the nukes, but - in exchange - wants to have Sokolov back in Russia. Sokolov is sent back to Russia to resume work on the Shagohod.

The CIA creates the FOX (Force Operation X) Unit, a group used to accomplish special secret operations. FOX is led by a man named Major Zero.

In order to provide tactical support to FOX, Major Zero creates the shadow military group XOF and puts a man called Skull Face at its lead.

The US sends The Boss, their best agent, to Russia in an attempt to find the Philosophers' Legacy.

FOX sends their secret agent Naked Snake to Russia, in the attempt to find and recover Sokolov, and destroy the Shagohod. The mission is called Virtuous Mission. Throughout the mission, Naked Snake is supported via radio by the other members of FOX: Major Zero, Sigint and Para-Medic.

While being close to accomplishing his mission, Naked Snake is stopped by his mentor, The Boss. It seems like The Boss has defected to Russia, becoming a traitor to the U.S.

Russia is militarily represented by the Spetsnaz GRU, their military force. A rebel group of the Spetsnaz GRU, led by Colonel Volgin, aims to oppose Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev.

The Boss gives Russia an American nuclear head, which is used by Colonel Volgin to destroy a Russian Research Facility. In this way, it looks like the US attacked Russia, a very ingenious move setup by Russia.

The U.S. is now required by Russia's president Khrushchev to prove that they are not involved in the nuclear attack setup by The Boss and Volgin. They therefore decide to send Naked Snake back to Russia, with the goal to fulfil Khrushchev's request: to get rid of The Boss, Naked Snake's own mentor, and Colonel Volgin. Operation Snake Eater.

Major Zero decides to secretly deploy Skull Face, head of XOF, to assist Naked Snake during the mission. Nobody else knows about Skull Face involvement during these events.

The KGB puts the FOX Unit in contact with two NSA agents who defected to Russia in 1960: ADAM and EVA. ADAM will help Naked Snake getting some intel and eventually escape.

At the rendezvous point, only EVA shows up saying she was sent in ADAM's place. Naked Snake and EVA are attacked by a military unit lead by Ocelot. Ocelot takes EVA as hostage, but is eventually defeated and forced to retreat.

Naked Snake and EVA find out that Volgin is in possession of the Philosophers' Legacy.

On his mission to find the Shagohod, Naked Snake faces and defeats all the members of the Cobra Unit but The Boss: The Pain, The Fury, The End, The Fear and The Sorrow. During an interrogation being held by Volgin, The Boss and Ocelot, Naked Snake is hit by a bullet and loses one of his eyes.

Naked Snake destroys the Shagohod and defeats Colonel Volgin.

What Naked Snake doesn't know, though, is that EVA is actually a spy from the Chinese governments (to keep in mind that also China wants to put their hands on the Philosophers' Legacy). EVA eventually manages to obtain the microfilm, but it is later revealed that that microfilm was a fake. The real one was obtained by Ocelot, a triple agent that works for the Philosophers. Ocelot was in fact ADAM, but no-one knew about it.

Ocelot gives the Legacy to the U.S., but only half of it is recovered. It is assumed that the remaining half is in KGB hands.

Naked Snake discovers that The Boss did not defect the US, but rather was following her orders all along. She was ordered by the Government to gain the trust of Volgin by giving him the nuclear warhead, and her goal was - of course - to gain access to the Legacy. What they didn't expect though, was that Volgin would actually use the nuclear warhead on the Russian Research Facility to incriminate the US. At that point the US revised The Boss' mission. She then had to play along in her role and wait to be killed by Naked Snake in order to save the US from being incriminated. She was a hero of her country, forever remembered as a traitor.

The US awards Naked Snake with the new title of Big Boss.

Being forced to live in the shadow, Skull Face develops hatred for both Major Zero and Naked Snake.

Ocelot talks on the phone with the KGB Chief Director, discussing the role of Nikita Khrushchev. Khrushchev is thrown out of office soon after.

Angered by what the government did to him and The Boss, Big Boss leaves FOX, shortly followed by Major Zero, the head of the military group.

Gene joins the FOX Unit, and becomes its leader under the codename Viper.

During the Mozambican War of Independence, Big Boss - now a mercenary - becomes acquainted with Frank Jaeger, a very young boy soldier. He places him in a rehab facility believing he would be safe.

In the rehab facility, Frank Jaeger is actually taken by the CIA and used as a test subject for creating a super soldier. He is brainwashed and given the codename Null.

Gene transforms FOX in a renegade group, breaking their allegiance with the CIA. FOX now intends to find the other half of the Philosophers' Legacy.

Big Boss is imprisoned by Gene. While in prison, Big Boss becomes friend with Roy Campbell.

Big Boss manages to escape, but the US government accuses him and Major Zero of transforming FOX in a renegade group.

Big Boss and Roy Campbell - together with Major Zero, Para-Medic and Sigint - found the independent organization FOXHOUND with the goal of clearing their names and taking down the remaining members of FOX.

Big Boss encounters Null - now one of the members of the renegade FOX Unit - but does not fully recognize him. They fight and Big Boss is eventually captured.

During the mission, Big Boss receives intel that FOX is in possession of a Metal Gear called RAXA.

Big Boss finds and destroys the Metal Gear RAXA, which is later revealed to be just a test model.

On his way to destroy the real Metal Gear, Big Boss once again faces Null. Big Boss recognizes him as Frank Jaeger, but Null does not believe his stories. After the fight, Null is defeated and eventually believes Big Boss. He now remembers his true identity as Frank Jaeger.

Big Boss defeats Gene, who gives him all the possessions of the FOX Unit. These include money, soldiers, and the plans to build a new military nation.

Big Boss stops the nuclear attack planned by the real Metal Gear. The mission is officially completed.

In the meantime Ocelot is planning to take control of both halves of the Philosopher's Legacy. He kills the head of CIA, and obtains the second half of the Legacy together with the list of the names of the Philosophers.

Big Boss rejoins FOX, together with Major Zero, Para-Medic and Sigint.

Major Zero, Ocelot and Big Boss use the Legacy to reorganize the Philosophers. They form the Patriots, and make Big Boss the face of the organization.

The goal of the Patriots is to fulfil The Boss' dream of creating a unified world.

Major Zero starts spreading stories about Big Boss. Some of them true and others false, tension between the two arises.

The Navajo Nation in the U.S. is rich of uranium ore that could be used for nuclear weaponry. A Navajo man called Code Talker starts researching microbes capable of deactivating uranium.

Code Talker also studies the remains of the Cobra Unit member The End, and discovers the parasites that enhanced his abilities. These parasites exist in several forms, one of them being the vocal chord parasite, which is capable of infecting people speaking a specific language. The Philosophers try to replicate the parasites but eventually abandon the project.

During the Cold War a Soviet woman dies giving birth to her son. One day this kid – named Tretij Rebenok - acknowledge his psychic power after managing to read his dad's mind. He discovers that his dad hates him to death. Angered, the kid kills his dad burning down his entire village.

The former leader of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, dies of heart attack.

Major Zero secretly starts a project called Les Enfants Terrible with the goal to create clones of the greatest soldier of all time, Big Boss. To do this he uses EVA as a surrogate mother.

The twin brothers Liquid Snake and Solid Snake are born. They are considered imperfect clones. A third, perfect, clone is produced: Solidus Snake.

All the clones are given accelerated ageing genes in order to avoid them being used or revolting against the Patriots.

Big Boss eventually finds out about this project, which culminates in his total outrage. Big Boss believes that Major Zero and the Patriots misinterpreted the original beautiful ideal of The Boss.

Big Boss leaves The Patriots. Major Zero renames both himself and his organization as Cipher.

Big Boss creates his own mercenary military group called Militaires Sans Frontieres. Their goal is to provide military force for anyone who needs them, regardless of nations or ideologies.

It emerges that the Costa Rica is being oppressed by an unknown military army possibly in possession of nuclear warheads.

Big Boss and Militaires Sans Frontieres are asked by the Costa Rica forces, represented by Galvez and Paz, to intervene and stop this military army. They offer Big Boss an operative plant in the Caribbean Sea, called Mother Base.

Big Boss accepts and goes to Costa Rica, supported via radio by Militaires Sans Frontieres' subcommander Kaz Miller. Big Boss gets confirmation of the presence of the nuclear warheads.

Big Boss meets Amanda, the leader of the resistance in Costa Rica. She confirms that the opposing forces are backed up by CIA. Her brother, Chico, gets kidnapped by a drone. Big Boss convinces her to join Militaires Sans Frontieres, and goes in mission to rescue Chico and track down the nuclear warheads.

Big Boss rescues Chico, who also joins Militaires Sans Frontieres. Big Boss proceeds in his mission to find the nuclear warhead. It emerges that Hot Coldman, a CIA agent, wants to use the Metal Gear - created by the scientist Huey Emmerich - to launch a warhead and test its effectiveness.

Coldman attacks Huey Emmerich, who is later on helped by Big Boss. Emmerich reveals Coldman's plan. His military army is in possession of a Metal Gear - codename Peace Walker - capable of selecting suitable targets for nuclear retaliation without the need of human involvement. The AI of this Metal Gear – developed by the scientist Dr. Strangelove - is shaped following the personality traits of The Boss.

Big Boss has to stop Hot Coldman. Huey Emmerich joins Militaires Sans Frontieres.

Hot Coldman tries to hack the AI of the Peace Walker in order to make it attack Militaires Sans Frontieres.

It is revealed that Galvez (whose actual name is Zadornov) always worked together with Coldman, but is now intended to betray him. Zadornov wants to use the Peace Walker to attack Cuba (Russian ally) from a US base. This will incriminate the US and split the north and the south, giving a strong advantage to Russia.

Zadornov shoots Hot Coldman and forces Dr. Strangelove to reprogram the AI to attack Cuba. In reality he reprograms it to fake a nuclear attack towards Cuba, and making the attack seem Russian driven.

The US is ready to fire back with their nuclear war power.

The Peace Walker, driven by the will of The Boss AI, sacrifices itself by drowning itself in a lake, destroying the fake signal and preventing a nuclear war.

The mission is completed and Big Boss, together with the help of Miller and the scientists Huey Emmerich and Dr. Strangelove, go back to Mother Base to start working on their own Metal Gear, called ZEKE.

Paz steals and takes controls of the Metal Gear ZEKE, claiming that she is taking it back to -their- leader, Cipher. She accuses Big Boss of having taken the wrong path, since he parted ways with his former FOX commander Major Zero two years earlier.

Paz asks Big Boss to join them, but he refuses. Paz plans to use the Metal Gear to launch nukes at the US and frame Big Boss and Militaires Sans Frontieres for the attack. A fight starts, and Big Boss eventually destroys the Metal Gear ZEKE. Paz is hit by the explosion and is supposed dead.

Dr. Strangelove leaves Militaires Sans Frontieres as her AI development research is not necessary anymore.

Miller reveals to Big Boss that Cipher is Major Zero.

Big Boss tells his troops that they will serve under anyone regardless of nations and ideologies, and they would soon build a nation they could call their own, called Outer Heaven.

It is revealed that all of these events were orchestrated by Cipher, who knew Big Boss was the only one capable of building Mother Base and growing such a strong military force. Their goal was to eventually take control of Mother Base - which is why Paz tried to convince Big Boss to join Cipher.

Skull Face, the leader of XOF, meets Code Talker, who is in need of funding for his microbes research. Skull Face – without the permission of Major Zero – funds Code Talker's research but forces him to study the microbes' potential in nuclear research. The research leads to the development of different microbes (also called 'archaea') holding several enhancing proprieties useful for military purposes.

The International Atomic Energy Agency sends a letter to Militaires Sans Frontieres requesting an inspection of Mother Base. Big Boss and Kaz Miller think this inspection is actually manoeuvred by Cipher in order to locate Metal Gear ZEKE's nuclear warhead as revenge for what happened the year before.

Big Boss and Miller discover that Paz survived the explosion, and they plan to kidnap her in order to gain intel on the real nature of Cipher. They send away Chico in an expedition to find his sister, but he sneaks out and tries to go and rescue Paz on his own. He is soon taken prisoner and held in chains together with Paz in Camp Omega.

Chico is subject to terrible tortures by Skull Face, the leader of XOF. Chico eventually ends up giving to Skull Face all the information about Militaires Sans Frontieres and Mother Base, confirming the location of the Metal Gear ZEKE. Skull Face makes Chico send an SOS signal to Mother Base.

Skull Face reveals that Paz is the only Cipher agent who met Zero face-to-face, and is therefore decided to torture her to find his location. His goal is to liberate himself from Cipher. He inserts two bombs in Paz' body anticipating the likelihood of a rescue attempt.

Big Boss and Miller understand the SOS signal might be a trap, but nevertheless decide to start a rescue mission.

Big Boss finds Chico in a state of panic. In order to avoid dragging some unwanted attentions, Big Boss knocks down Chico and calls a helicopter to send him back to Mother Base.

Big Boss proceeds with his mission and eventually finds and rescues Paz, bringing her on the helicopter. On the helicopter Big Boss finds out that Paz has a bomb in her body and thanks to the help of a medic extract it from her.

Once they get close to Mother Base they discover that it is under XOF attack. Mother Base collapses and it appears that Big Boss, Miller and the medic are the only Militaires Sans Frontieres survivors.

On the helicopter Paz reveals that she has another explosive in her body as she jumps out of the chopper and explodes. The Militaires Sans Frontieres' helicopter collides with a XOF chopper, which results in Big Boss entering in a coma.

Everyone thinks that there are no survivors. Major Zero contacts EVA and asks her to bring Big Boss, Miller and the medic to an hospital in Cyprus.

It seems like Huey Emmerich allowed XOF to organize this attack. Huey is eventually kidnapped by Skull Face and forced to join XOF and work on their new Metal Gear.

In the meantime, Dr. Strangelove recovers the Peace Walker's AI and starts working under Major Zero on the AI network he plans to build.

Skull Face, who forced PAZ to reveal Major Zero's position, sends him a package containing a pin belonging to The Boss, but infected with the parasite. Major Zero, accidentally pricking himself with the pin, becomes infected. This is Skull Face's personal revenge for always being kept under Major Zero's control.

From this moment on, Ocelot takes care of Big Boss and medic, both in coma after the plane crash.

Liquid Snake is abandoned by Cipher and sent to England.

There is no trace of Major Zero.

During the Rhodesian Civil War, Frank Jaeger kills a young couple. Discovering that they had a daughter, and feeling deep regret, he decides to take care of her as a sister, and names her Naomi Hunter. She will never know that Frank Jaeger killed her parents.

The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan. Miller – funded by the U.S. - trains the Afghan resistance. After the Mother Base incident, Miller lost a leg and an arm.

During the war between the two factions, Soviet soldiers acknowledge the brutal powers of Quiet, an assassin later on hired by XOF.

Huey Emmerich, now working for XOF, marries Dr. Strangelove. They have a kid and name him Hal. Huey uses Hal as a guinea pig for testing the new Metal Gear Sahelanthropus' AI. This results in a fight between him and his wife Dr. Strangelove, who eventually ends up being locked inside the AI pod and dead via suffocation.

Tretij Rebenok, the psychic kid born in the early 70s is captured by Soviet forces and brought in a lab where they research individuals with paranormal abilities. In the same facility they are studying the comatose body of Colonel Volgin, whose desire for revange against Big Boss kept him alive. The presence of Tretij fully awakens him transforming him in the Man on Fire.

Big Boss wakes up from the coma. He now has a prosthetic arm and a metal fragment in his head.

XOF get to understand that Big Boss is held in the hospital in Cyprus. Their goal is to eliminate Big Boss and every trace of their involvement. They send Quiet to get rid of Big Boss.

While Quiet tries to strangle Big Boss, she is interrupted by another patient called Ishmael, who eventually sets her on fire. Quiet, burst into flames, falls out of the window.

Big Boss, with the help of Ishmael, tries to escape from the hospital. The unexpected arrival of Tretij and Man on Fire - who wants Big Boss dead - unintentionally sabotages XOF mission.

XOF fail their mission, but manage to hide their involvement in the events. Big Boss – now also known as Venom Snake - manages to escape thanks to the help of Ocelot, who sends him to Afghanistan. His mission is to rebuild Mother Base leading their new military group called Diamond Dogs.

Quiet undergoes medical parasite-treatment which allow her to stay alive and develop the ability to breath through her skin.

Venom Snake finds and rescues Miller, who has been kept captive in a Soviet outpost.

Venom Snake is sent in mission to find Quiet. After defeating her, he captures her and bring her to Mother Base, where she is held prisoner.

Venom Snake finds and rescues Huey Emmerich, but they are attacked by Metal Gear Sahelanthropus, which is being controlled by Tretij. Venom Snake eventually destroys parts of the Metal Gear and manages to retreat to Mother Base.

In the meantime Quiet starts helping Venom Snake during various missions, and the two seem to create a bond.

Venom Snake, in the attempt to find the leader of a child soldiers group, ends up in a facility where they are conducting human experiments. After a short encounter with Skull Face, Venom Snake is attacked by Man on Fire and Tretij, but eventually manages to escape.

Venom Snake finds Liquid Snake (known as Eli), now leader of a children soldier group. Eli is brought to Mother Base. Eli is extremely angry at his dad to the point he (unsuccesfully) tries to kill him.

Venom Snake and Ocelot schedule DNA tests to see if Eli is his son. The tests are negative.

A terrible epidemic spreads throughout Mother Base causing many members of the staff to die. To find a cure, Venom Snake goes on a mission to find Code Talker, who has been used by Skull Face to develop the vocal cord parasite. The parasite is said to infect only adult hosts who speak a specific language.

Venom Snake finds and rescues Code Talker, who gives him the Wolbachia bacteria, the cure to the epidemic. Code Talker believes Skull Face intention is to use the parasite to wipe out all languages except for English as an ethnic cleanser.

Skull Face reveals that his plan is to follow The Boss vision of the world, and he wants to achieve this by silencing the world. He actually wants to use the vocal cord parasite to infect whoever in the world speaks English.

Eli is taken under psychic control by Tretij in order to enact his vengeance against Venom Snake. Eli manages to take control of Sahelantropus and wreak havoc on Skull Face's forces as well as on Venom Snake, who eventually manages to incapacitate the Metal Gear.

Venom Snake and Miller find Skull Face stuck under debris. Here they take their revenge for what he did to Militaires Sans Frontieres and Mother Base, by shooting him with his own gun and detaching his left leg and right arm. Huey Emmerich eventually shoots him in the head.

Venom Snake finds and destroys the vials that Skull Face had with him, containing the English strain of the vocal cord parasite. Nobody notices though that Tretij collected one of them before it could end up being destroyed.

Venom Snake, Miller and Huey go back to Mother Base, bringing with them the Metal Gear Sahelanthropus. Tretij secretly gives the last vial containing the English strain of the vocal cord parasite to Eli.

Another infection spreads on Mother Base, in the Quarantine platform. It is later revealed that Huey accidentally sparked it while using beta radiation on the Wolbachia. In order to prevent a worldwide outbreak, Venom Snake is forced to kill all the Diamond Dogs soldiers in the Quarantine platform.

It emerges that Huey has been in contact with the DARPA (connected to Cipher) and asked to be rescued in exchange for samples of the parasites. Huey Emmerich is sent in exile out of Mother Base.

Quiet is captured by Soviet forces. Venom Snake tracks her down and eventually rescues her. After a sand storm she disappears again, leaving an audio cassette to Venom Snake. In this, she reveals that she never spoke because she was carrying the English strain of the vocal cord parasite, but never intended to use it against him or Diamond Dogs.

Venom Snake receives an audio cassette that reveals him his real identity and purpose. Venom Snake was the best soldier that Militaires Sans Frontieres ever had. He was the medic who went in coma with Big Boss. Under Major Zero's orders, the doctors performed plastic surgery to make him look like Big Boss, and to allow the real Big Boss to stay outside of the radars and set the foundations for what would later on become Outer Heaven. The real Big Boss was in fact Ishmael, the patient who helped Venom Snake escape from the hospital.

Big Boss asked Ocelot to take care of Venom Snake and play along in this master plan. Through the use of hypnotherapy, Venom Snake was pushed to think he was the real Big Boss, and his incredible skills allowed everyone else around him to think the same thing. From this moment on, Venom Snake lives as the phantom of Big Boss. Big Boss is still around laying the ground work for Outer Heaven.

Eli escapes from Mother Base together with the other child soldiers rescued so far by Diamond Dogs. Thanks to the help of Tretij he also steals the Sahelanthropus and retreats to an African island. The island is now fully contaminated by the parasite, but children are not affected by it until they become adults.

Venom Snake infiltrates in the island, where there are already soldiers from Cipher who are sent to capture the Metal Gear. Eli activates Sahelanthropus and attacks Venom Snake who destroys it once again.

Diamond Dogs soldiers arrive to evacuate Venom Snake since the entire island is infected with the parasite, and Eli is revealed to be infected as well.

Tretij appears once again and with his supernatural powers removes the parasite from Eli's body. They fly away while Diamond Dogs drops napalm bombs on the island to avoid another outbreak.

Solid Snake, sent by the US, fights in the Gulf War.

Big Boss is (again) at the head of FOXHOUND, but the US government is unaware of this. The US are also unaware of the fact that Big Boss is the head of Outer Heaven as well.

Outer Heaven develop the TX-55 Metal Gear in order to have a way to fight Major Zero and his group, The Patriots.

Dissolution of the Soviet Union.

GRU colonel Sergei Gurlukovich, a friend of Ocelot during the Cold War, forms the military group called Gurlukovich Mercenaries, with the goal to restore Russia to its former glory. He is - in a way - for Russia, what Big Boss is for the US.

The US learn that Outer Heaven are building their own Metal Gear, and decide to send FOXHOUND to destroy it. Big Boss, though, is behind both Outer Heaven and FOXHOUND.

As head of FOXHOUND, Big Boss sends Frank Jaeger to investigate Outer Heaven.

Jaeger, under the codename Gray Fox, fails and is captured.

Big Boss sends Solid Snake - one of the best US agents - to rescue Gray Fox.

Solid Snake saves Gray Fox and proceeds with his mission of destroying the Metal Gear.

Big Boss now reveals that he is at the head of Outer Heaven, and tries to stop Solid Snake. Big Boss reveals that he took back the control of FOXHOUND to delay Solid's mission and finish building the Metal Gear.

Solid Snake destroys the Metal Gear and the entire base. Big Boss – who is Venom Snake – dies. The real Big Boss retreats in Middle East together with all his soldiers.

Roy Campbell replaces Big Boss as the head of FOXHOUND.

Big Boss helps Zanzibar Land claiming independence from Russia.

There is a major world crisis derived from the lack of oil. In order to solve the problem, Dr. Kio Marv develops a synthetic oil.

Dr. Kio Marv is kidnapped by the soldiers in Zanzibar Land, who want to hold the world hostage by gaining control of the synthetic oil. In order to prevent Dr. Kio Marv from escaping or being rescued, Zanzibar makes full use of Metal Gears on their territory.

Roy Campbell, now head of FOXHOUND, sends Solid Snake on a new mission, this time to rescue Dr. Kio Marv.

Solid Snake finds out that Big Boss survived during the events in 1995, and that Dr. Kio Marv is dead. On the other hand, he manages to find the formula of the synthetic oil.

Solid Snake is attacked by Gray Fox who is piloting the Metal Gear D. Solid Snake destroys the Metal Gear and engages in a fight with Gray Fox in a mine field.

Solid Snake kills Gray Fox, and is afterwards attacked by Big Boss. Once again, Solid Snake wins the fight.

Right before dying, Big Boss reveals to Solid Snake of being his father.

The Patriots retrieve the body of Big Boss. Major Zero puts him in cryogenic coma thanks to the use of nanomachines. His goal is to use Big Boss' genes to enhance the performance and skills of every soldier.

Ocelot, not agreeing with this plan, starts plotting against Major Zero and the Patriots.

Roy Campbell leaves FOXHOUND.

Liquid Snake joins FOXHOUND and soon takes its control.

Major Zero, growing old, starts developing a lack of trust in people, and doesn't want anyone to take control of the Patriots.

Major Zero commissions the development of an advanced AI (called The System) to take control of the Patriots. The System consists of four different AI cores controlled by a fifth -master- one.

Solidus Snake orchestrates the forthcoming Shadow Moses incident.

Dr. Naomi Hunter develops FOXDIE, a virus capable of killing a specific person based on their DNA and nanomachines. Her original plan is to use the virus to kill Solid Snake, who killed Gray Fox (Frank Jaeger, who adopted her and took care of her since 1979).

FOXHOUND, now guided by Liquid Snake, leads an armed uprising on the Shadow Moses island, in Alaska. They have the Metal Gear REX and are threatening the US with a nuclear strike if they don't give them the body of Big Boss and 1 billion dollars within 24 hours.

Roy Campbell, not part of FOXHOUND since 2000, sends in Solid Snake, with the mission to locate two hostages: the DARPA chief and the ArmsTech president. They will be able to give a solid confirmation if Liquid Snake is really capable of launching a nuclear attack.

Solid Snake finds the DARPA chief, who dies immediately after of heart attack.

Solid Snake finds the ArmsTech president, who is held hostage by Ocelot - now on Liquid Snake's side. Ocelot challenges Solid Snake in a gun duel. At the end of the fight, a Cyborg Ninja appears and cuts off Ocelot arm.

During the first part of the mission, Solid Snake rescues Meryl Silverburgh (daughter of Roy Campbell) and the scientist Hal Emmerich (son of Huey Emmerich, the scientist who helped Big Boss developing the Metal Gear ZEKE in 1974).

Hal Emmerich, also known as Otacon, is developing the Metal Gear REX, unaware of the fact that it holds a nuclear warhead. After knowing this, he decides to join Solid Snake's cause.

Solid Snake has a new encounter with Cyborg Ninja and after an intense fight he understand his real identity: Gray Fox - Frank Jaeger.

Solid Snake gets to understand a new part of Liquid Snake's plan: he wants to join Sergei Gurlukovich mercenary forces and turn Shadow Moses in a new Outer Heaven, following Big Boss dream of a world with free soldiers.

Solid Snake eventually finds the Metal Gear REX being piloted by Liquid Snake. Gray Fox intervenes once again by destroying part of the Metal Gear REX, in the attempt to help Solid Snake. Gray Fox is crushed to death by Liquid Snake.

Solid Snake destroys the Metal Gear REX and seemingly defeats Liquid Snake. Liquid Snake comes back during the final escape from the hangar, but eventually dies of a heart attack caused by FOXDIE.

Solid Snake, discussing with Naomi Hunter, understands that she infected him with the FOXDIE at the beginning of the mission. She did not know that Frank Jaeger was still alive, and that's why she injected the virus at the beginning of the mission. Solid Snake is told he might have just few years to live.

After the events of Shadow Moses, Revolver Ocelot - the only surviving member of FOXHOUND - reports the events to the President of the United States, revealing that he has been working as a double agent in order to recover REX's data for the US.

Revolver Ocelot reveals the identity of the President of the US, the third clone of Big Boss, Solidus Snake. Solidus Snake has been put as the President of the US by the Patriots in 2001 without anyone else knowing his true identity.

Nastasha Romanenko, who has assisted Solid Snake on his mission, publishes the book called In the Darkness of Shadow Moses: The Unofficial Truth, in which she reveals all the events of the Shadow Moses incident, including Solidus Snake's involvement.

Solidus Snake is forced to step down from his charge of President of the US, and goes hiding with Ocelot.

Ocelot implants Liquid Snake's hand on his body. After the implant operation, it seems like Liquid Snake's psyche is trying to take control of Ocelot's body.

Solid Snake and Otacon found Philanthrophy, a non-governmental organization aimed at stopping the development of new Metal Gear models.

Solid Snake and Otacon get to know that a new Metal Gear, called Metal Gear RAY, is being transported through the US on a tanker. The information had been provided by Emma Emmerich, the stepsister of Otacon.

Solid Snake's mission is to infiltrate the tanker and take pictures of the new Metal Gear to prove its existence to the world.

As soon as Solid Snake boards the tanker, the ship is taken over by a Russian military force. It's the mercenary group lead since 1991 by Sergei Gurlukovich.

Solid Snake meets and fights against Sergei Gurlukovich's daughter, Olga Gurlukovich, who decided to stay in the tanker despite her being pregnant.

After defeating Olga, a US drone appears in the sky and photographs Solid Snake, who is now in the position of being incriminated by the US.

Solid Snake infiltrates the tanker and takes picture of the Metal Gear while the US Marines commandant Scott Dolph is giving a speech to his soldiers.

After the speech, to everyone's surprise, Revolver Ocelot appears, revealing his plan to take the Metal Gear RAY with him.

Sergei Gurlukovich also appears and takes Scott Dolph as hostage.

Sergei Gurlukovich explains that they intend to take the Metal Gear RAY and sell it to Russia with the goal to revive it to its former glory.

Once again to everyone's surprise, Ocelot reveals that that's not his plan. Sergei Gurlukovich assumes that Ocelot is still working with Solidus Snake, and Ocelot reveals that he is working for the Patriots.

Sergei Gurlukovich is mad because of Ocelot's betrayal and tries to shoot him, but Ocelot is way faster at drawing the gun. Ocelot kills Gurlukovich, his soldiers and Scott Dolph. After this, he triggers the explosives planted on the tanker and runs away on board of the Metal Gear RAY.

Solid Snake is accused of stealing the Metal Gear RAY, and is therefore forced to go into hiding.

Manipulated by the Patriots, the media report that Solid Snake had led the terrorist takeover of the oil tanker and that, fearing an environmental disaster, the Navy had dispatched the Marines to defuse the threat. The media say that Snake had ended up sinking the tanker and killing everyone involved, including himself. The major clean-up that would be required gave the Patriots the perfect cover for the construction of the Big Shell.

Olga Gurlukovich takes leading role of her dad's army. She gives birth to her daughter Sunny, who is taken hostage by the Patriots as a means to force Olga into serving them.

It emerges that a terrorist group that calls themselves Sons of Liberty is taking hostages inside the Big Shell. The leader of the group claims to be Solid Snake. Among the hostages there is the 44th President of the US, James Johnson. Sons of Liberty demands 30 billion dollars, and claims that in case their request is not met, they will destroy the Big Shell, creating an incredible ecological catastrophe.

FOXHOUND sends agent Raiden to the Big Shell in order to save the hostages. Here he is helped by a man who claims to be Iroquois Pliskin.

After an encounter with the leader of Sons of Liberty, it is clarified that he is Solidus Snake, but claimed to be Solid Snake in order to frame him once again. Pliskin reveals himself to be Solid Snake.

During the mission Raiden discovers that the Big Shell is nothing else that an enormous Metal Gear, called Arsenal Gear. The Arsenal Gear additionally holds the Patriots AI.

Raiden and Solid Snake, with the help of Otacon and his step sister Emma Emmerich, manage to install a virus inside the Patriots AI.

Emma Emmerich is killed by Vamp, one of the members of Sons of Liberty.

Ocelot comes back revealing that Raiden's entire mission was just a big simulation orchestrated by the Patriots AI. The aim of the mission was to recreate the events of Shadow Moses and therefore shape a new super soldier as good as Solid Snake.

The Patriots AI contacts Raiden and requests him to kill Solidus Snake, otherwise they will kill Raiden's loved one, Rosemary.

Raiden eventually gets to the core of the Arsenal Gear where he fights against a series of Metal Gear RAYs, after which he meets Solidus Snake. Solidus Snake reveals to Raiden that he was his foster father.

Raiden follows the Patriots AI orders and kill Solidus Snake. Angered for being manipulated, he vows to find and destroy the Patriots.

The Patriots complete the development of the Arsenal Gear battleship. The battleship is soon stolen by Ocelot, who renames it Outer Haven, as a reference to Big Boss own military force. Ocelot hides the battleship in Shadow Moses and manages to plant in it the AI recovered from the original Arsenal Gear.

Raiden rescues Sunny from the Patriots. Soon after, Sunny goes and live behind Otacon's protection.

Ocelot is now fully controlled by Liquid Snake, and is now called Liquid Ocelot. Solid Snake, who is aging really fast, is now called Old Snake.

The world is now fully controlled by private military companies (PMCs) composed by soldier enhanced by nanomachines. The biggest PMC is the one controlled by Liquid Ocelot.

The UN wants Liquid Ocelot assassinated, and thanks to the convincing words of Roy Campbell, Snake decides to go on a mission with the help, once again, of Otacon. Together with them is Sunny, Olga Gurlukovich's daughter.

Snake's first attempt to kill Liquid Ocelot fails, but he discovers that Dr. Naomi Hunter is held captive by Liquid Ocelot.

Snake rescues Naomi Hunter, who explains him that the FOXDIE virus in his body is mutating. She also explains him Liquid Ocelot's goal: he wants to obtain Big Boss body and use his biometric data to access the Patriots' master AI. This will grant him control of all the nanomachines in the world and therefore of all PMCs.

Snake fights against a series of machinized mechs, and is helped by a Cyborg Ninja, who is revealed to be Raiden.

Liquid Ocelot obtains Big Boss' body and shuts down every PMC in the world excluding his own. His plan is now to destroy the Patriots, and for doing this he has to gain access to the only nuclear weapon not controlled by the Patriots: the Metal Gear REX in Shadow Moses.

Snake now infiltrates in Shadow Moses and manages to gain control of the Metal Gear REX before Liquid Ocelot, who eventually takes control of a Metal Gear RAY. They start a mech duel that ends up with both being severely injured.

Liquid Ocelot jumps onboard of the Outer Haven and Snake - together with Raiden and the Rat Patrol unity, follow shortly after.

After going through the microwave defence system of Outer Haven, Snake manages to halt the railgun launch by using the FOXALIVE virus created by Naomi Hunter and Sunny. The virus destroys the Patriot System, which in turn destroys all AI's and nanomachines in the world. The world is free from the Patriots.

Liquid Ocelot reveals that FOXALIVE was his plan all along, his way to fulfil Big Boss dream. Liquid Ocelot and Snake engage in one final duel after which Liquid Ocelot dies.

Snake visits Big Boss' grave. With only a year to live and the FOXDIE mutating and threatening to kill everyone around him, he decides to commit suicide.

Before pulling the trigger, he is approached by a man pushing another man on a wheelchair. That man is Big Boss, carrying with him the now paralyzed Major Zero.

Big Boss explains that the frozen body used by Liquid Ocelot was Solidus Snake's body, and it worked because he was his perfect clone.

Big Boss explains that Major Zero eventually let the AI take over control of the Patriots, which led to the world being dependent on war economy.

Big Boss is aware that this vision strongly diverged from The Boss vision of the world, and eventually closes the oxygen supply that keeps Major Zero alive.

Snake and Big Boss reconcile, after which Big Boss dies in his arms.

Raiden joins a private security organization called Maverick. Their goal is to protect the weak and whoever is in need of military support.

In Africa, the Prime Minister of a nation is trying to rebuild it after the damage caused by civil war. One day, he gets attacked by a PMC called Desperado, and taken hostage.

Raiden follows the kidnappers, but the Prime Minister is eventually killed. Raiden fights against Sam Rodriguez, a stronger cyborg ninja. Raiden is defeated and loses one eye and an arm.

Maverick is requested to intervene in Abkhazia, where a group is trying to overthrown the government. Maverick sends Raiden - now recovered from the fight - to capture the leader of this group, Andrey Dolzaev.

Raiden finds evidence that Desperado - the PMC who attacked the Prime Minister - is also supporting this group in Abkhazia and planning an attack.

Raiden is sent to Mexico, where Desperado has a cybernetic lab. He soon finds out that in this lab several kids are being abducted, and their brains are being removed to be virtually trained in order to become cyber-soldiers for World Marshal - an American PMC.

Maverick is not allowed to attack World Marshal, so Raiden - angered for what they are doing to the kids - goes rogue on his mission to find the World Marshal headquarters.

Raiden reaches the headquarters and defeats Sundowner, head of the PMC who killed the African Prime Minister. Raiden understands that the attack is directed toward US president Hemilton, who is paying visit in Pakistan. That becomes Raiden's next destination.

Because of an enemy attack, Raiden is forced to leave the helicopter. He now has to find Solis, a private space flight company that could allow him to travel fast enough to Pakistan before the attack.

Raiden meets again with Sam Rodriguez. They fight, but this time Raiden wins.

Raiden eventually reaches Solis, where Sunny is now working. The launch is a success, and Raiden lands in Pakistan.

Raiden discovers that behind the attack there is Steven Armstrong, Colorado Senator. Armstrong, in control of a new Metal Gear - called EXCELSUS - wants to trigger a war between the US and Pakistan, revitalize the war economy and use this as an escamotage to become president.

Raiden first destroys the Metal Gear EXCELSUS and eventually fights and defeats Armstrong.

War is avoided, but the tensions between US and Pakistan are still high.

Maverick becomes the leading cybernetic company, using the brains to produce workers and nurses.

Raiden decides to start fighting against corrupted PMC's independently.

The end

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